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The 15 UK National Parks on a map: Which should you visit?

If you’re into the outdoor lifestyle and you’re heading to the UK, chances are, you’ll be looking to visit at least one of the UK National Parks?
Perhaps you’ve only got limited time and you’re wondering which one to go to?
In the UK there are 15 members in the National Park family, which are protected areas because of their beautiful countryside, wildlife and cultural heritage. People live and work in the National Parks and the farms, villages and towns are protected along with the landscape and wildlife.

The Best 10 National Parks in the UK

The best national parks in the UK offer completely free access to some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural landscapes. Thanks to ‘right to roam’ legislation, it’s possible to freely wander around vast areas of the countryside, to the peaks of some of the country’s tallest mountains and around the largest lakes.
The range of landscapes represented in our list is remarkably diverse. There’s anything from ancient forests to rugged coastlines, verdant valleys to bleak moorlands, snow-capped peaks to low-lying wetlands and more. All offer impressive ranges of activities, including hiking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, fishing, boating, horse riding, gorge walking, fell running, Munro bagging (that is, summiting Scottish mountains), and more. Alternatively, if you’re feeling lazy, you can enjoy a nice hot chaii in a cosy country cafe in one of the many picturesque villages that dot each national park.