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Ansar Counselling

Birmingham based experienced Islamic Counsellor working in private practice. BACP accredited.

Zaynah: Providing video and phone call sessions. Khudeja: Providing face to face (within government guidelines), phone and video sessions.

Thank you for visiting our counselling site. We are counsellors based in Birmingham and here to support you with your mental health and emotional wellbeing

What is Therapy/Counselling?

The purpose of therapy is to create a therapeutic space to explore your feelings and emotions in a confidential space.  This provides an emphatic, open, honest and non-judgmental environment. The goals and objectives of the therapy is to support your emotional wellbeing and mental health and increase your self awareness. Strategies are identified to shift negative thinking patterns and replace with positive thinking and affirmations.. Essentially the goal is to cultivate meaning and healing to live your life in an enriching way and perform as an improved version of yourself.

What is Islamic Counselling?

Islamic Counselling is a model derived from the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) by exploring an individual’s soul, heart, body and intellect.

This type of counselling explores all aspects of counselling in a humanistic framework, which focuses on the (fitrah) natural disposition of mankind.  This model explores the psychological, emotional, social, physical, inter and intra-personal by incorporating the spiritual aspect of an individual.

We provide a service to individuals who require spiritual counselling allowing them to reflect on their existence and the concepts they hold.  Although we are trained in Islamic Counselling, our service can encompass individuals of faith and those without. 

For all general enquires or to arrange a booking, call Zaynah and Khudeja.

Khudeja Sattar
Telephone:  07451 085 215
Instagram: ks_therapy
Facebook: KS Therapy
LinkedIn: Khudeja Sattar

Zaynah Plummer-Josephs
Telephone:  07773 223 223