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Islamic Council of Europe

There is a need within the Muslim community for a reliable, knowledge based service in providing solutions and guidance to help with mediation and reconciliation between different sets of people – whether in marriage, between families, friends, business partners or colleagues.

The Islamic Council of Europe aims to be the premiere service provider in arbitration, reconciliation and mediation catering for Muslim communities in the West. Providing guidance and solutions based on Islamic principles, the Islamic Council of Europe aims to help Muslims who are seeking to conduct their affairs in accordance to Islamic guidelines.

Services provided by the Islamic Council of Europe range from advice and guidance on interpersonal, social and financial issues, marriage validation or dissolution and help in resolving disagreements between disputing parties either amongst spouses, families or business partners.

The Islamic Council of Europe aims to help refocus people’s lives, trying to help live in accordance to their beliefs and helping them overcome their differences and form long term healthy relationships that will benefit them for this life and the next.